Daily maintenance of ultra-micro spectrophotometer

The ultra-micro spectrophotometer has become a routine instrument in modern molecular biology laboratories. The daily maintenance of the ultra-micro spectrophotometer is as follows:

  1. The life of the light source is limited. In order to prolong the life of the light source, do not turn on the light source lamp when the instrument is not in use. The number of switching times should be minimized.

  2. The monochromator is the core part of the instrument. It is installed in a sealed box and cannot be disassembled. The selected wavelength should be rotated in a balanced manner, and the available force is too strong. In order to prevent the dispersion element from being damp and poisoning, the monochromator box desiccant (silica gel) must be replaced regularly. If the desiccant is found to be discolored, it should be replaced immediately.

  3. The absorption cell must be used correctly, and special attention should be paid to protecting the two optical surfaces of the absorption cell.

  4. The photoelectric conversion element can not be exposed for a long time, and should avoid strong light irradiation or moisture and dust accumulation.

  5. When the instrument stops working, the power must be cut off.

  6. If the instrument is not used temporarily, it should be energized regularly, not less than 20 ~ 30 minutes each time, in order to keep the whole machine in a dry state and maintain the performance of electronic components.

Post time: 2021-06-28

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