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MP525 pH/DO Meter1




Product Introduction


● Meter meets with the requirement of international GLP standards. Its features up to automatic calibration, automatic temperature compensation, data storage, timing measurement, clock display, RS-232 output, function setting and self-diagnose etc.
● There are three different measurement modes: stable display mode; time measurement mode; continuous measurement mode.
● Automatically recognize 13 kinds of pH buffer solution. User can choose anyone from four series of standard buffer solutions: Europe & USA series, NIST series, CHINA series and Self-defined series.
● High purified water and ammonia added purified water pH measuring mode can be set up, especially suitable for electric power and petrochemical industry
●With EH redox potential measuring mode can directly display ORP value which against standard potential of hydrogen electrode.
● Equips new type of DO electrode which has function of automatic temperature compensation and automatic salinity compensation as well as automatic air pressure compensation inside meter to make DO measuring mode has temperature, air pressure and salinity automatic compensation, easy to use, accurate to measure.
●Polarogram type DO electrode has special electrode calibration cap. Only needs 3 to 5 minutes for electrode polarization. Electrode adopts combination diaphragm cap which very convenient to use. Each DO electrode equips with three spare diaphragms caps.
● Meter has the only product serial number.
● Dustproof and waterproof meter meets IP54 standards. All sockets are seal protected by the silica gel caps.



Measuring range



Input current

Input impendance


Temp. compensation range

(-1.999 ~ 19.999)pH

0.1/0.01/0.001 pH

Meter:±0.002 pH, connect meter with electrode:±0.01pH

≤1×10-12 A

≥3×1012 Ω

±0.002 pH/3h

(0 to 100) ℃(automatic or manual)


Measuring range(mV/ORP/EH)



-1999.9mV ~ 0 ~ 1999.9mV


±0.03% FS

Dissolved Oxygen

Measuring range



Response time

Residual current

Temp. compensation range

Salinity compensation range

Air pressure compensation

Automatic calibration

Electrode type

(0 ~ 40.00)mg/L(ppm)  (0 ~ 200.0)%

0.1/0.01 mg/L(ppm)  1/0.1 %

Meter:±0.10 mg/L,connect meter with electrode:±0.40 mg/L

 ≤30 s(25℃, 90% response)

≤0.1 mg/L

(0 ~ 45)℃(automatic)

(0 ~ 45)ppt(automatic)

(80 ~ 105)kPa(automatic)

Air saturated by water; water saturated by air

Polarogram type


Measuring range



-10℃~ 110℃


5~ 60℃range:±0.4℃  other range:±0.8℃

Other Technical Parameters:

Data storage

Storage content


Communication connector

Size and weight

Quality and safety certification

300 groups

Measuring value series number, measuring value, temperature, ATC or MTC state, measuring date and time



160 × 190 × 70mm/880g

ISO9001:2008, CE and CMC

Working Condition

Environment temperature

Environmental humidity

IP rating

5 ~ 35 ℃(0.01grade) 15 ~ 30 ℃(0.001grade)


IP54 Dustproof and waterproof

Standard Kit Includes

1. Model MP525 pH/ DO meter 1set
2. Model 602 flexible electrode holder 1pc
3. Model 901 intelligent stirrer 1set
4. 201T-M plastic pH/ATC three-in-one combination electrode 1pc
5.2503-C glass pH combination electrode 1pc
6. MP500 temperature electrode 1pc
7. DO500 DO electrode 1pc
8. pH standard buffer solution(pH4.00, pH7.00 and pH10.01/50mL) 1btl/each
9. 9V power adapter(meter use)e 1pc
10. 6V power adapter(stirrer use) 1pc
11. DO503 membrane cap(DO electrode use) 3pc
12. DO502 DO electrode inner solution(30mL) 1btl
13. Cathode polishing paper 2pc
14. B628 stirring bead 3pc
15.AA battery 2pc
16. RS-232 communication cable 1pc
17. MP525 communication software disk 1pc
18. Operation manual 1unit
19. Brief operation instruction 1unit
20. Packing List 1pc
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