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750L Medicine stability testing chamber




Product Introduction

1. Airduct structure--- It applies circular airflow design concept and forced convection simulated air circulation principle. The large power air circulating blades designed specially can produce higher air flow rate and guarantee high even and stable inner bag temperature and humidity. The humidity can be precisely controlled within the range of 20% to 98% to realize high effective and stable test effect.

2. Touch screen---Super large touch screen, intelligent operating system and 32-digit processor are equipped to simplify the operation and to be more humanized.

3. High precise electronic temperature sensor---It is used for absolute precise humidity measurement. The humidifying and dehumidifying system is controlled electronically. ROTRONIC electronic humidity sensor can guarantee the reliability of humidity inspection even if the samples are frequently changed. The senor does not require maintenance.

4. Innovative refrigerating system--- International famous brand refrigerant compressor and Germany EBM condenser applying 134a refrigerant and featuring fluorine free, environmental protection, precision and high efficiency are applied.

5. Illumination effect---One-side illumination concept is applied to better conduct authentic and real-time light stability test on active substance.

6. Test hole--- One test hole with the diameter of 45mm made with special mould is arranged on the left and right of the incubator respectively for observation. Internal silica gel soft plugs are provided to make sure the temperature and humidity inside the incubator are not affected during the test.

7. RS232 interface---It is a special interface for PC. One software CD (suitable for simplified Chinese WINDOWS2000 or simplified Chinese WINDOWS XP operating system) is attached. Test program is written, monitored and saved with special PC software. Test data is directly displayed and printed with special PC software.

Application scope: Drug stability test box is used for pharmacy, medicine, biotechnology, food industry, electronics industry and life science etc.   


◆ The incubator is made with imported NC machine tool and laser processing technology. The outside incubator body applies high quality cold rolling plate, which is strongly resistant to rusting. The inner bag applies SUS304 stainless plate.

◆ One test hole with the diameter of 45mm made with special mould is arranged on the left and right of the incubator respectively for observation. Two silica gel soft plugs are provided inside.

◆ The heat insulating material of incubator applies Germany Bayer freon-free polyurethane one-time foaming technology to improve the insulating property and reduce energy consumption. It can save over 30% energy in comparison with similar products. The overall strength of incubator is good.

◆ Rational airduct structure; balance type control method; imported special electric motor and blade are applied to make temperature and humidity distribution evener and greatly improve test precision and evenness of temperature and humidity.

◆ International famous brand refrigerant compressor and Germany EBM condenser applying 134arefrigerant and featuring fluorine free, environmental protection are applied and conform to the world trends..        

◆ Super large touch screen, intelligent operating system and 32-digit processor are equipped to simplify the operation and programming.        

◆ Programmed temperature and humidity control; micro-computer fuzzy control PID control; temperature priority and time priority; optional for the user.

◆ The incubator bottom truckle is imported from Japan. Its direction is adjustable and it can be locked. The outside incubator body is sprayed with American Dupont powder.

◆ Temperature sensor PT100 applies Honeywell product. The humidity sensor applies Swiss Rotronic capacitive sensor.

◆ Over-temperature protection, creepage protection, door open alarm, current failure alarm and sensor alarm functions are provided to improve the safety. Meanwhile, automatic start, stop, timed operation, clock display and self recover after energization are provided. 

◆ R-232 communication interface, USB storage, GPRS remote control alarm functions are provided.

◆Automatic defrosting and manual defrosting functions are provided for long term test to solve the problem of temperature .

Product name





Convection method

Compulsory convection method

Control method

Balance type

Temperature range

No illumination -15℃~+85℃    With illumination 10℃~85℃

Humidity control scope


Temperature resolution


Temperature fluctuation


Temperature evenness


Humidity fluctuation

Within ±1.5% (65℃)

Working room temperature


Illumination intensity

0-6000LX  adjustable

Illumination error


Insulating material

Overall foaming of polyurethane

Programmed control

Fussy logistic PID control method common operating mode/programmed operating mode

Overall dimension(mm)









Inner dimension (mm)










About 114.5KG

About 137KG

About 217KG 

About 268KG  

Effective volume





Total power of heating and humidifying





Refrigerating power· refrigerant





Water supply volume

Inside: 10 L Outside: 25 L

Power voltage

AC-220V 50/60HZ

Tray (standard configuration)

Three layers

Three layers

Four layers

Four layers

■Performance parameter test under empty load: Ambient temperature of 20℃, ambient humidity of 50%RH.

■Temperature and humidity fluctuation exceeding the scope noted in the table is normal under defrosting condition.

■The change of product appearance and parameter will not be notified additionally. Product appearance may deviate due to shooting and printing reasons.

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