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DY89-II 120W 1--200ml Electric glass homogenizer


Model:DY89-II 120W 1--200ml


Product Introduction


On the principle of grinding mechanism, the system is designed to homogenize the animal and plant tissue in a soft mannerso as to get the cytoplasm and mitochondria for experiment. This machine is applicable to biology, pharmacy, agriculture and other areas. It has the characteristics of a low speed, high torque, no noise etc.

Main technical parameters



 Type I 50-2200r.p.m adjustable           

 Type II 50-2200r.p.m adjustable

Maximum Power


Homogenate Bottle Size

10ml,20ml one each 

Optional bottle size


Net weight

12 Kg

Packing size


DY89-II 120W 1--200ml Electric glass homogenizer Please inquiry,we will reply in 24h
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